Why Canada?

Canada is well known as the land of possibilities and opportunities because of its innovative and abundant research opportunities, as well as the possibility of immigration. The high chance of permanent residence and settlement in Canada after completion of study program attracts a lot of international students to Canada. However, there are other advantages to studying in Canada that can benefit international students including a multicultural society, high quality of life, high academic standards and high-quality education.

Why Taysiz?

Taysiz Inc. was established on December 2013 and has been involved in the field of International education services, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada as well as having an office in the Middle East.

These students will be offered to students from around the world. The plan is to open education consultancy offices throughout the world, including offices in major cities in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and South America. Taysiz will cooperate with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants to facilitate bringing students from all over the world to enroll them in Canadian colleges and universities.

Our aim is to provide our clients to access excellent education in Canada. Taysiz offers a wide variety of services to address all student’s concerns and inquiries and help candidates to find the right programs. We are in partnership with different universities, colleges and schools to improve their experience and to provide different approaches that result in the best education which would be in accordance to their needs, qualifications and career aspirations.

Our staff in Canada and the Middle East are there to help students and enhance their educational experience in Canada, as they are aware of the fact that a high standard of education and the right atmosphere are crucial to the success of a careers.

Taysiz’ s most important commitment is to create a strong understanding of its clients based on mutual trust and realizing their goals and dreams and leading them to study in a suitable educational system matching their qualifications and ambitions.

Taysiz is committed to present clients with the most detailed information required before making the final decision and introduces the most suitable universities, colleges and schools to choose from.

Taysiz Services:

  • Educational counseling
  • Academic Admission Services
  • Guardianship / Custodianship Support
  • After arrival service

Contact Taysiz

  • Head Office:

95 Mural Street, 6th Floor, Suite 600

Richmond Hill

Ontario L4B 3G2


Tel: +1 (905) 882-0158

  • Middle East Office:

Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Building No.29,

24 Metri Blvd, Saadat Abad

Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 (21) 2212-9525

+98 (21) 2212-9550

  • Website: www.Taysiz.ca
  • Email: Taysizinfo@gmail.com
  • Instagram: Taysiz_ies
  • Telegram: Taysiz_education